Prugh Home

  • Location

    Carefree, AZ

  • Size

    4600 sf

  • Details

    4 bedroom + 3 1/2 bath 3 car garage

  • About This Project

    Nearly every Phoenix and Scottsdale landmark can be seen from this lot; Four Peaks, Pinnacle Peak, the Boulders, Black Mountain, Desert Mountain and on a clear day, Camelback Mountain. At night one sees the Phoenix and Scottsdale city lights as well as the lights of Carefree. In short, this lot is stunning. The Prugh Home sits at the top of this lot facing south, running parallel with the slope of the land to avoid high excavation costs. The home enjoys unobstructed views of all the above. Because it faces south, we protected the glass with deep cantilevered overhangs. Two pyramid shaped roofs float over high clerestory windows allowing light to reach deeper into the home. The geometry of the floor plan was turned 45 degrees so one could see the views from any given space. To the north of the home is a large stand of saguaro cactus. High windows in the master bath, hall, living and bedrooms provide for this view. Exterior living spaces also provide for relaxing around the views.

  • Photo Credits

    Landon Wiggs

  • Contractor

    Craig Eckhardt

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