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Spry Architecture is an award winning, frequently published, full-service and client focused Arizona Architecture firm specializing in new homes, home renovations and small commercial projects. We’ve also designed churches, prayer gardens, shipping container homes and cabins.


Phoenix Home and Garden “Chaten Home”

December 2023

Dream Homes

Published by Intermedia Press
Copyright 2022

Best Residential Firm-Arizona Build Magazine


Phoenix Home and Garden "Out of the Ashes"

January 2016

HGTV "Fresh Faces of Design"

September 2015

Build District "The 15 Best Architects in Phoenix"

December 2015

AZ Republic / AZ Central Cool Homes P+P Home

August 2014

Best of Houzz Design

2022, 2021, 2020, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013

Best of Houzz Service

2022, 2019, 2016, 2015


Design begins with a conversation. We talk about your goals, lifestyle, site conditions and program. We develop and expand those ideas, then we begin to sketch!

We sketch, design, present then revise and repeat until you love your design.

In this phase you can expect to see floor plans, elevations, models and a site plan.

"To say Eric was the most talented architect, doesn't come close to describing him. He is kind and he never forgot that it would be our house."

—Lori O

CD’s and Permitting

Your architecture project is detailed and refined. Engineers calculate, plans are drawn and submitted for plan review to the local jurisdiction. In this phase you can expect to see lighting plans, mechanical plans, framing and foundation plans, interior elevations, preliminary discussions about finish materials. We will also iron out site condition issues like grading and drainage.

The plans are submitted to the local city, town or county for review and bidding begins while we all wait patiently for plan reviewers to review and approve the plans for construction. Then permit is issued and contractors start digging.

"Eric's passions for modern architecture and client service are at the forefront of all he does. Eric was collaborative and thoughtful, listening and applying our feedback and providing his years of experience in his responses."

—Allison W


Upon plan approval and the issuance of the permit, construction begins and you begin to see your home take shape. Spry Arch follows the construction, we continue to refine the design and we work closely with the contractor addressing questions along the way. We work to protect the integrity of the design so the end product meets the conversation goals of our initial talks!

"Eric was fully engaged during the building process, a key point, because the supervision of the build is as important as the architect's design. Eric supervised and oversaw all stages of the build. ."

—Kathy C