Horner Home

  • Location

    Wickenburg, AZ

  • Size

    4000 sf livable

  • Details

    3 bedrooms + 2 ½ baths + 2 car garage

  • About This Project

    A modern 4000 sf home that rides along a ridge with views of Wickenburg to the north and mountains to the south. Deep set overhangs and thick walls protect the glass from the desert sun. The home rests upon the ridge like a stand of boulders with expansive apertures. An exposed steel roof stretches from mass to mass like a tensile structure enclosing the great room and outdoor living spaces. Three negative edges compose the pool. The materials comprising the home consist of exposed cast-in-place concrete, jointed stucco and exposed powder-coated wide-flange steel beams.

  • Photo Credits

    Matthew Wagner

  • Contractor

    Dan Reardon

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