BoShitt Home

  • Location

    Cave Creek, AZ

  • Size

    2000 sf livable

  • Details

    2 bedrooms + 2 baths + Shop + 2 carport

  • About This Project

    The BoShitt home, a Cave Creek hillside home with extraordinary views, woven deeply into its raw desert site. The 2000 sf home is seventy percent glass, capturing views and connecting the home to the deserts natural rhythm of sun exposure, weather patterns and seasonal changes. SOLAR: Solar panels power the home and are integrated into the roof structure over the carport. The panels are mounted on an exposed steel structure and form the finished roof. WATER RECLAMATION: The upside down scissor trussed roof is designed to gather rain water and store in a side tank. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The home is designed using low maintenance and sustainable materials. Steel structure, metal cladding, concrete. EFFICIENCY: The floor plan is a simple rectangle, running parallel to the contours minimizing a potentially difficult excavation. The roof consists of a singular geometry, an upside scissor truss repeated 24” o.c. along its length. A covered concrete deck suspended over the desert extends to the east. The roof overhangs 14’ to the east and 8’ to the west protecting the glass expanse from the brutal summer sun exposure.