Alder Home

  • Location

    Cave Creek, AZ

  • Size

    4000 sf livable

  • Details

    4 bedrooms + 4 ½ baths + 3 car garage

  • About This Project

    The Alder home, a Cave Creek hillside home with Mountain Views to the north, east and south. Woven into its raw desert site, the 4000 sf home is mostly glass, capturing views and connecting the home to the deserts natural rhythm of sun exposure, weather patterns and seasonal changes. The roof has deep overhangs to protect the home from the often brutal Sonoran sun while covering outdoor livable areas. SOLAR: Solar panels power the home and are integrated into the roof structure over the carport. The panels are mounted on an exposed steel structure and form the finished roof. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Horizontal board formed concrete mimics the natural layered stone of the area. Exposed charcoal colored and sandblasted concrete block speaks to the burnt volcanic rock that lays about.

  • Rendering Credits

    Stephen SanMarco